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We develop people and upgrade processes in real time on real projects. This creates real momentum for change and builds skills and sustainability faster and more cost effectively for clients.

We develop people...

The primary drivers of business performance are the people in a company. 


Examples of people development we have supported for clients:

  • Leadership development programs

  • Organisational transformations

  • People and talent development projects

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...and upgrade processes...

Upgraded and embedded processes are the best way to ensure sustainability of any improvements.


Examples of processes we have upgraded for clients:

  • Risk and project control upgrades

  • Cost management

  • Project budgeting and cost to complete

  • Quality system builds and upgrades

  • Strategy development

  • Market readiness analysis

  • Sales force effectiveness

  • Operations improvement

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...whilst delivering projects

The best way for people to grow and implement upgraded processes is by working on real world projects.


Examples of projects we have helped deliver:

  • Improving port performance

  • Delivering a delayed EPC water infrastructure project

  • Cost cutting shipping fleet management

  • Operational improvement in shipyard management

  • Cutting marine fuel bunker costs

  • Improving freight rail throughput

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