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Case studies

Building a talent pipeline

A client organization wanted to ‘leapfrog’ its competitors and transform from a regional player to being a global champion. Its strategy required major shifts in products, capabilities and extending its global footprint. A critical success factor was ensuring sufficient number of leaders and skilled professionals, to be ready in 18-36 months, to realize the strategy. Our work focused on building a ‘talent pipeline’ so that a continuous stream of talent would be developed to deliver business results. Included:

  • Quantifying the talent supply-demand gap

  • Developing a leadership model

  • Identifying and assessing future potential leaders

  • Matching people to opportunities

  • Preparing leaders for new roles

  • Improving the performance management and rewards system

  • Aligning HR capabilities

  • Engaging the top management team to role-model and support the change

  • Shifting the organizational culture to supporting a developmental, coaching mindset

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Sales & marketing excellence

  • Identified additional $50M growth opportunities through the rollout of a global sales stimulation program for sales teams across Asia Pacific and Greater China.

  • Drove analysis, developed strategies and delivered capability-building workshops and consultations to segment customers, identify sales actions and facilitate project pipeline management.

  • Developed tailored customer service levels and created an integrated distributor management approach for global adoption

Image by Stephen Dawson

Business strategy and planning

  • Led a new team of specialists to manage the $30M project portfolio for Africa, Middle East and Asia.

  • Conducted an operating model diagnostic to identify improvement opportunities and established key management processes including strategic planning, budget governance and stage-gate project management.

  • Designed and implemented the new organization for 180 staff across 6 regions and 10 functions

Image by Possessed Photography

Organisational transformation

  • Implemented the commercial transformation strategy rollout across APAC by reviewing the cross-functional new product introduction process and roles, developing a stage-gate investment process for new integrated solutions (adopted globally), establishing cross-functional commercial forums and governance.

  • Led the global review of the commercial blueprint implementation across 20+ territories/commercial units, identified recommendations and engaged senior stakeholders in all geographies to implement changes, monitor and support.

  • Facilitated APAC team of 15 leaders by setting strategic priorities; establishing governance processes and engaging staff across all territories.

Image by Mateusz Haberny

Developing the next generation of leaders

To enable Singapore’s growth as a global insurance hub, our team was commissioned by the Singapore College of Insurance to lead two key talent development initiatives. The first was developing the Insurance Industry Talent and Leadership Development Framework, with the goal of raising professional standards and creating a talent pipeline for industry growth. Key areas were:

  • Developing a set of technical and general competencies for key professional job functions (e.g., underwriting, claims, broking, actuarial services)

  • Mapping the technical and leadership programs to develop these competencies

  • Creating career progression pathways towards senior professional and leadership roles within the industry

The Talent and Leadership Development Framework is supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has been integrated into Singapore’s Financial Sector SkillsFuture Roadmap. The second initiative was conceptualizing and launching the Insurance Management Associate Programme to attract and equip top-tier graduate talent for the industry. This unique program incorporated a 3-year work-study career development program, offering more than 60 positions at 35 participating institutions. 

To date, the Programme has brought in 200 high-caliber new graduates across 50+ general and life insurance companies, with a retention rate of >80%, and has won much recognition and praise from industry players.

Image by Sable Flow

Business post merger integration

  • Led the APAC post-merger integration program following a $500M corporate acquisition.

  • Realized planned synergies through retention of all staff and integration of commercial processes and roles.

Image by Max Harlynking
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